Seeing God is worth whatever it costs!

Pursue peace with all men and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord.  Hebrews 12:14

The price of strife and immorality is much higher than anyone really wants to recognize or admit. 

Sin’s power is in its ability to make deceptive promises.  Somehow we are made to believe that by harboring resentment and bitterness we will be safer and happier.  We are brought to believe that we just cannot be truly happy without tasting something forbidden, something that is compromising.  Sin promises to satisfy us.  In Old Testament times, Esau felt that he would die if he didn’t get to eat the stew.  He was willing to trade off his birthright for it.  Somehow he felt (at the moment) that it was a good trade.

But the real truth is that when we believe lies and move beyond God’s revealed will for us, we are always moving away from the Source of real and lasting joy.  God’s “rules” are for our safety, for our good.  They are not burdensome if seen in the true light of reality.  And that’s exactly what Satan seeks to hide: the true Light.

A pastor who had been secretly addicted to hardcore porn for years finally made progress in getting out.  Want to know what finally brought him out?  It was one verse of Scripture:  “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matt. 5:8).  In an instant the man saw what he had not seen before.  He saw the real price of his sin: his view of God was increasingly limited and blocked.  Sin was not just to be avoided because of the way it damages one’s life and relationships.  It is to be avoided because it blocks one’s view of the only One that can give you fullness of joy and eternal pleasure.

So this is the proper motive behind pursuing peace with all men and pursuing a lifestyle of purity. 

Peace and purity pay big dividends in helping you to see God as He truly is and to enjoy what you see!  Have you stopped to realize that you cannot percieve God’s glory and presence if you are willfully harboring ill will toward others or secretly feeding your flesh on those things God has forbidden?  The cost is too great.  Sin’s boasts are finally empty ones.  God really has our best interests in mind.  He is calculating with an intent to reveal His glory to us and to maximize our joy!  And, yes, both of these can occur simultaneously.  God’s will for you is always a “win-win” scenario!

2 thoughts on “Seeing God is worth whatever it costs!

  1. Thanks for constantly pointing us toward God and His holiness. Pastors are liked by telling people good news about their lives, and often this results in resorting to an earthly mentality of blessings. Thankyou for reminding me that the greatest news is that I can meet with God and worship Him in holy fear and friendship.

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