Why Love Never Fails

This morning I was reflecting on the verse from 1 Corinthians 13 that says, “Love never fails…” (v. 8) “Never” is a BIG word! I asked myself, “How is it that love never fails?” As I meditated on this question it seemed apparent that a big part of the answer lies in the fact that love itself is the goal of our faith. The reason love never fails is that if I am walking in love and manifesting love, then I’m walking with God and revealing God’s presence in my life. That’s the goal of this whole Christian thing!

If I’m walking with God and manifesting God at the moment, then nothing else matters. You cannot truly improve upon this state! Will a better paying job make me happier than God Himself does as He walks with me? No. Will a pain-free body or popularity among my peers do more for my soul than the constant companionship of my Lord? Though these things are nice, they are also temporary. They cannot compare with the constant companionship of God in our lives.

Love never fails because love cannot be improved upon. Love never fails because love is more than a passing emotion! True love is a living Person who seeks to reveal Himself to each of us, in each of us, and through each of us. Once we realize this and yield to this then we learn that there is no created thing that can separate us from this love. There is no power against it. It cannot fail. Whatever challenge you may be facing just now, remember this: nothing can truly make you happier than realizing God’s companionship just now. Go for Him and do it now. He’s there. He wants you to find Him and to love Him and to enjoy Him. And He truly is enough, more than enough!

This is just another big reason why the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news! And it’s another reason why we must not hoard this message for ourselves only! We can help others find the way to unshakable success! The love of God in Christ is the answer.

One thought on “Why Love Never Fails

  1. So, what you are saying is, the means to the goal and the goal are the same thing? If I am striving (loving) towards the goal, I am accomplishing the goal (to love and be loved by God)? Makes sense then that we cannot fail! Now if only I can put it into practice every moment without getting distracted! Thanks for your constant encouragement.-L

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