Finding God in the Small Things

“…and He instructed them that they should take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff — no bread, no bag, no money in their belt…” (Mark 6:8)

I had an experience yesterday that gave me reason to praise God on a level more practical than usual.

I had brought my riding mower to the church so that Craig (our all-purpose master maintenance guy) could trim up the hiking trails in the 10 acres of woods and hills behind the church.  I thought it had enough gas in the tank to do the job.  I was wrong.  We did not have a gas can at the church and  I didn’t want to drive all the way back home to get a gas can.  Besides, I was almost late for a lunch appointment.

Heading back to the office after my lunch appointment I had a thought, “Lord, I’m going to pull in at the gas station up ahead and look for a container in the trash can.  Help me out with this, please.”  In a few minutes I pulled into the first open island at the station.  Two steps from the door of my truck was a trash can.  I looked in and found sitting on the very top a very clean one-gallon plastic jug with lid on.  Ten cents of gas and a few shakes later, it was cleansed and ready to transport a gallon of gas to the mower!

Honestly, as I walked up to that trash can I had an expectancy that God was in control.  I was thrilled when I looked inside!  I know it’s a small thing.  But that’s the beauty of it!  God is in the small things too.  Remember, He feeds the little birds every day.  He has the hairs on each of our heads numbered.  At least this is what Jesus believed.  I want to be a believer like Jesus was.  He really expected His Father to break into His life daily.

I remember a story my missionary friend Rick Zachary told a few years ago.  He had just had a slight fender bender and had pulled off on to the side of a busy highway.  The only thing that was needed was for something to be slightly readjusted with the bumper.  But a half-inch wrench was needed to loosen and tighten some bolts — and he didn’t have any tools with him.  He lhappened to glance down at the gravel around his feet and there was a half-inch wrench!  That tends to fire a guy up a bit!

I think this is why Jesus sent His disciples out without bread, money belts, gas cans, or wrenches.  He wanted them to learn how the Father could and would provide for them daily.

An avowed atheist once argued with German evangelist, Reinhard Bonkke, “What you Christians call answers to prayer I just call coincidences.”

Bonkke replied, “Well, that might be true.  But when we Christians stop praying coincidences stop happening!”

So let’s not stop praying for and expecting God’s supernatural help….even in the small things.

Maybe you’ve got a story to tell as well.  I’d love to hear it.  Drop me a line.

One thought on “Finding God in the Small Things

  1. Jesse Taylor says:

    Brother Dane Randy told me i could find you on the computer. Well i found you and will listen every chance i get. We love ya’ll, and it sure is good to hear your sermons again. Jesse

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