The God of Peace Will Soon Crush Satan Underneath Your Feet

The Apostle Paul wrote, “The God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet.” (Rom 16:20)  The issues at hand were conflicts and hindrances caused by disobedient people and the unseen spiritual forces manipulating them.  This verse speaks volumes to every generation of Christians!

1.  A spiritual battle is still being waged. 
Though Satan was defeated at the cross, he was not annihilated or removed from the earth.  A very real but unconventional warfare is still going on.  

2.  The peace of God is a mighty weapon. 
This means that the first level of warfare begins in my own heart!  I must gain the tangible peace of God within.  I must “let the peace of Christ rule in my heart…” (Col 3:15)  If my own soul is not resting in the God of peace, who made peace with me through the blood of His cross (Col 1:20) then the battle certainly will be a lengthy one.  The quickest route to breakthrough in the spiritual conflict just now begins from a heart at real rest in the finished work of Christ.  Is it any wonder that the enemy is so militantly opposed to this peace?  If I am still seeking to save my life, to prove my own righteousness, or preserve my own honor, then I have not met the prerequisites for reigning with Christ in this life.  I am not entering into His victory.  I am still seeking to establish my own.

3.  A peaceful heart is an enlarged one. 
The victory comes through enlargement and then displacement.  Think on that.  There is “the peace of God”.  And there is the source, “The God of peace” (as Paul refers to here.)  God doesn’t just give us peace.  He Himself is our peace (Eph 2:14).  That means when I am experiencing His peace, it is more than a pleasing emotion or state of mind.  It is God Himself making room for Himself within my soul!  The King of Glory sits on the throne of my heart. His glory is expansive.  It makes room for itself! Once His peace is ruling in your heart, then watch out for your feet!  They have become lethal weapons (see Eph 6:15)!

4.  How Satan is crushed. 
Look at the text.  Who is going to crush Satan?  God Himself.  But whose feet are being used?  Yours!  The God of peace, ruling peacefully on the inside of you, will Himself crush Satan using your feet!  John said it this way, “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)  When the God of peace rules your heart and mind, then you are transformed from victim to victor.  Until then you feel victimized by circumstances, people, and devils.  But when the God of peace enlarges your heart, you suddenly realize you rule and reign in life, regardless of outward circumstances.

Who was ruling in the Philippian jail, where Paul and Silas were apparently “prisoners” (Acts 16:25)?  Two men with peace and praises in their hearts (though there were stripes on their backs!)  Who was ruling on the ship carrying Paul and his Roman captors?  Just look and see who is giving orders before it is over.  It was the man of peace!

If you are in Christ Jesus, you have entered into a covenant of peace with God!  This is an eternal covenant, sealed with Christ’s own blood.  Many times we war against circumstances and people, when the real battle is to embrace the covenant we have with God!  Do you believe that Jesus has become your righteousness, and this by simple faith?  Faith is the victory.  Remember this:  The God of peace will soon crush Satan underneath your feet. 

One thought on “The God of Peace Will Soon Crush Satan Underneath Your Feet

  1. Becca says:

    Thanks Dane for sharing this message from God…. this entire article really spoke to me, but especially this one sentence ” When the God of peace rules your heart and mind, then you are transformed from victim to victor.” I am so thankful for God’s grace and mercy – I want that victory!! Blessings!!!

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