Slaves or Sons?

          Slaves                                          Sons

1. See God’s rules as unfair and too narrow. Trust God’s will and intentions.
2. Anxious over needs. Trust God with less worry.
3. Must be in control. Give God room to work.
4. Defensive. Do not take
criticism well. Easily
Open to criticism and can admit he/she’s wrong.
5. Constantly comparing. Regularly look to Christ.
6. Try to please everyone. Can say “no” if needed.
7. Work hard with little joy. Find joy in their labor.
8. Cannot rest in the
Father’s presence.
No sense of inferiority in the Father’s presence.
9. Afraid to take risks. Expect breakthroughs.
10. Feel something must
change before he/she
can be happy.
Usually content. View the future with hope.
11. Doing an assessment like this results in deep discouragement. Trust God to finish the work He has begun in them.

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