You want proof that God exists?

Years ago a University student who claimed to be agnostic made a very firm statement to me.  He said, “If God is real and wants me to seriously consider serving Him, then all He has to do is show himelf to me in a very conclusive way.”  My sense was that the young man was mostly sincere in his statement, but that he didn’t understand the fatal bias that held him captive to spiritual blindness.

Here are two fundamental truths you must grasp if you are ever to hear from God more tangibly.  First, God is not insecure, weak or needy.  (Regardless of how some willy-nilly Christians may have portrayed Him.) He doesn’t need you or me to need him or to serve him.  If you have no intention of trusting him or yielding your life to his agenda, he may be content to allow you to live out your days in denial.  That denial will end when you stand before Him at the end of time to give an account for your unbelief and rebellion.

The second principle is kin to the first: You must honor Him and yield to Him before He will show more of Himself to you.  He owes you nothing.  He is far greater than you and deserves honor and respect from you.  There is a protocol in all of this. You must humble yourself first, then God will give you grace.  If you maintain a proud and arrogant attitude toward His existence, He will resist all your attempts to control Him.  Again, contrary to what a lot of pseudo-Christians may reflect, God cannot be controlled or manipulated by man.

Recently I have been reflecting on the almost innumerable encounters I have had with the living God over the years.  I began making a list of these in my journal.  Molly (my wife) told me this morning that I ought to write down a detailed account of these things.  She said that she will not be able to remember them all when I’m gone.  And God knows that I’m already forgetting many of them while I’m still here!  I speak as if I’m an old man at 45! 

The greatest joy of my life is that as I have purposed to trust Him and obey Him, however He has led me, He has been pleased to daily load me not only with evidences of His actual personhood, but with tangible benefits and marvelous proofs of His love for me and real strength and resources for carrying out His will.

Over the next several posts, I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful ways that I have encountered and experienced the real and living God over the years.  I hope it will encourage you to press in to know Him too.  At the very least I will have made record of these things for posterity’s sake.

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