Six Critical Leadership Evaluation Questions

I once heard a pithy saying that relates to life and growth.  It went like this,

“Living things grow and growing things change.” 

We observe this principle throughout all of creation.  But I would like to add an additional component to that principle: “Living things grow and growing things change and changing things sometimes comes with a cost.” 

Change is not always easy. Sometimes it requires us to move well beyond our comfort zones.  How do you deal with change?  Are you resisting change presently?

I think we all realize that operating out of a “maintenance” mode is easier than intentionally keeping the mission and vision alive in our hearts and hands.  We like to make our nests on the ground.  Therefore it is very important to periodically evaluate our present level of obedience to our God-given mandates. 

Over the next six posts I will introduce six important leadership evaluation leadership evaluation questions.  I hope that everyone will thoughtfully consider these questions.  I pray that they will help us gain insight into what  could be changed for increased fruitfulness and effectiveness in our various areas of leadership and responsibility.  These questions are primarily written with a view toward spiritual leadership, but are very applicable for Christians in the marketplace as well.

One thought on “Six Critical Leadership Evaluation Questions

  1. I look forward to these posts.

    BTW, thanks for recommending R.T. Kendall’s Out of Your Comfort Zone. I am about 2/3 of the way through and it has been great.

    Keep up the great work.

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