God is not frustrated. Are you?

Most people think and live like God is frustrated.  That’s if they believe in God at all. If I were to tell you that God is the happiest being in the universe, what would you say?

It’s kind of amazing how we develop certain philosophies about life.  I think most of it just happens, sort of like gravity.  It just happens whether you are consciously aware of it or not. And that’s the danger.  If your worldview or philosophy of life or of faith happens coincidentally or by accident, you might be way off  the mark. It will be based upon temporary circumstances and not ultimate and eternal realities.

I remember Pappy (my grandfather) sharing a memory about his dad.  Pappy was  nine years old when his dad, a circuit-riding preacher, died.  So he didn’t have a lot of memories. But he did remember his dad giving altar calls after preaching and getting angry if no one responded!

I’ll have to admit that this is the way I have seen God most of my life.  He’s like the fisherman in the photo above, always trying to catch us, to get us to accept His will.  All the while we continually frustrate His attempts.  To me, if I could have actually seen God’s face, I’m sure He would have been frowning. 

Frustration comes when we lose control or when others fail to do what we thought they would or should do

By the very definition of His nature, God cannot lose control.  He is all-powerful (omnipotent).  Nor can someone do something that catches God by surprise.  He is all-knowing (omniscient).  God has never learned anything.  Actually, He cannot learn.  He knows everything, and that from eternity past!  Nothing that any moral or non-moral being has ever done (or failed to do) was a surprise to God.  He’s never been caught unawares.

So what does this mean to a Christian?  When coupled with His sovereign power, it means that God is NOT nervous, anxious, or frustrated.  Do you know anyone who is never nervous, anxious, or frustrated?  What do we call people like that? 


Who is the happiest being in the Universe?  God.

This might be a new concept to you.  It certainly was to me when I first began to consider it.

God has the knowledge of everything that has ever happened or will ever happen, plus, the power to make all things ultimately work together to fulfill His good pleasure.  This means that He is not only happy at this moment, but that He will remain so.

I did not always think (or feel) this way.  But when this reality hit me a number of years ago, I actually began to laugh out loud.  Tears of joy came to my eyes.  It was as if the clouds that had hidden God’s face were removed and suddenly I saw Him as He truly is and not as I had made Him out to be.

How about you?  Has God seemed like a frustrated father to you?  Do you still see Him like that?  I’d love to hear your story.

I’ll develop this theme more in the next post.

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