God is contented. Are you?

How do you define contentment?  Are you content?  For most people contentment is associated with satisfaction and security.  If my perceived needs are being met and I’m not worried about that changing anytime soon, I might actually realize some contentment!

Here’s a revelation that blessed me a few years ago:  God is the most contented Person in the universe.  Actually, He is perfectly content.  But how is He content when it appears He has such a hard time getting hard-headed (and hard-hearted) humans to stop striving with Him and one another?

Wrong question.

God’s contentment is not based upon the uncertainty and instability of human behavior.  He looks no further than Himself when He seeks contentment.  While it is true that God created mankind for a purpose and as an object of His love, it is not true that God created mankind to satisfy some unmet need within Himself.  God doesn’t need anyone to make Him content or happy. 

Did you get that?

The doctrine of the Trinity has often been criticized by those with little light and lots of agenda.  While the actual word “trinity” is not found in the Bible, the reality is!  God is revealed as Father, Son, and Spirit throughout Holy Writ.  There is community and relationship in the Godhead.  God’s “essential” needs are met in the glorious relationship He has within His trinitarian Self.  His own glorious nature is ultimately satisfying to Him!

Now think of this:  If God is enough to satisfy God, do you think it’s possible that He’s enough to satisfy you?  This is not complicated.

Real, deep, and lasting contentment can only be found in that which is ultimately and perfectly satisfying and secure.  And that’s God Himself.

Saint Augustine in the fourth-century had it square on:

Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.

You will only find contentment here!  Everything else is finite.  Everyone else is changing.  All else is fleeting.

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