Obscurity and Necessity

Blooming in obscurity.Nothing is Necessary to God

God is the totally self-sufficient One.  He is completely satisfied with His own infinitely glorious attributes.  Does the sun look for warmth outside itself?  Does a free-flowing artesian well look elsewhere for drink?  What could the creature give to its Creator that did not first come from Him?  God cannot be other than content in Himself.  We, on the other hand, make clothes to warm us and plant crops to feed us.  Humanity is dominated by its sense of need and feels it must hustle about and toil and fret to merely maintain its existence. 

In the days when the western U.S. was being pioneered by settlers, folks often lived for long periods of time in obscurity.  But even those who settled in the most remote places had to come to town periodically for supplies and interaction with others.  Otherwise they would soon perish.   God, however, exists as the eternal, unchanging, unsupported Source of all that is or will ever be!

 God Cannot be Tempted Because Nothing is Necessary to Him

James teaches that it is impossible for God to be tempted by evil (James 1:13).  The strength of temptation is in its power to create an awareness of real or perceived needTherefore, discontentment must exist before sin can be conceived.  Lust could simply be defined as a creaturely need awakened and enticed toward an illicit source of gratification.

That God cannot be tempted is not simply a matter that there is no evil within Him.  It is even more due to the fact that there is no need within Him!  Everything He could possibly need is gloriously supplied within His own infinite being.

In all of God’s dealings with man and in all of His activity of disclosing His glorious nature to us, none of it has been done of necessity.  The word necessary is wholly foreign to God.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all supremely satisfied within the unity and fellowship of the eternal Godhead.

God can rest in obscurity- because He is content.  Nothing outside of Himself is necessary.  God’s plan is to bring each of us into a deep rest as well.  The “rest of faith” only comes when one finds the supernatural peace of being deeply content with God Himself.

God often uses obscurity as a means of getting us to this place.  The reason we humans often fight so hard against being unknown and obscure is because do not know and rest in God as we should. Let obscurity drive you to the only One who can deeply satisfy your need for significance.

3 thoughts on “Obscurity and Necessity

  1. Sue Mullinax says:

    Why did God create us? I don’t think we are an experiment, and I think God is passionate about his creation, including us. Why then, did he do this? Can we know? I don’t think needing is always a prelude to sin or incompleteness. On the contrary, I think it reflects a Loving God desiring to share His bliss with others. So, he created us, and his desire was good, but he had to give us choice, like he has–otherwise we would never be consorts fit for a king. I believe that God has suffered greatly with us and for us, and the mystery of love and suffering and sacrifice is very deep, and someday we will understand what he was after. We fell, we needed, but he was ready for redemption, and there is a depth to that that Adam did not know. We know now. I believe that this was the best way for us, and that his love created it for us. I think the circle from God to man to God reflects his perfection, and he is not afraid of the messiness of passion because what we have in him now is far greater than Adam.

  2. Sue,

    I have always appreciated your grace-filled insight. I agree that “need is not always a prelude to sin”. Certainly, creaturely need doesn’t have to drive us away from God. It can lead us to Jehovah-jireh!

    Also, though God is not needy, He is passionate and relational! And He is capable of not only giving but also receiving! But what He receives He first of all gave to us. “For all things are from Him, through Him, and to Him.” What He receives from us doesn’t change Him. But it does bless Him! What we receive from Him both blesses and changes us.

    God is not aloof and sterile. I certainly have not intended to paint a picture like that. But He is free from all the creaturely neediness that has created such dysfunction and bondage in our world. He is not a codependant God.

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