Sometimes serving in secret is hard

Elijah was fed while serving in obscurity.


As we saw in yesterday’s post about Elijah:  Sometimes life and ministry are just plain hard. (see 1 kings 17) 

Today God still calls His servants into obscure places for strategic reasons and seasons.  He may or may not fully explain the reason for our call to obscurity.  It may be that God needs time to prepare the people and the location of our next assignment.  Or maybe He needs time to prepare us for the next assignment.  Or perhaps He’s using our secret service to supply the prayer support for a prominent servant in some other location? 

Elijah was all alone at the brook.  All he had were ravens for company.  That’s obscure.  His next assignment was to move to a town called Zarephath and stay with a widow.  This was certainly better company than ravens.  But probably not anything that would stroke Elijah’s ego!  She was not only a widow, but she was basically destitute.  And God had commanded her to provide for Elijah!  Needless to say, the widow was not very excited about Elijah’s ministry plan and vision statement!  How could she provide for Elijah?  There was nobody to take care of her and her son.  They were preparing to die! 

This was a tough assignment for Elijah.  But here’s what Elijah had going for him.  He heard from the Lord and obeyed what he heard.  No assignment was too small or too big.  Elijah discipled the woman and helped her become a blessing to herself and others.  Elijah served faithfully in the day of one or two talents.  He despised not the day of small things.   

How about you?

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