He Loves Us

We have been contemplating the love of God for seven weeks at our church.  (Click here to go to an audio library.) I have had some amazing and heart-stirring insights into this greatest of all things.

There is nothing greater to consider and experience than the love of God. There is no more noble pursuit.

One reason people have trouble truly experiencing God’s love is that they approach it as if it is an “it”.

But love is not something God simply has.

Love is something He is.  To come to perfect love you must come to the Perfect God.  If you’ve really met the Perfect God (and He has perfectly revealed this perfect love in His perfect Son, Jesus Christ) then and only then have you begun to experience perfect love.

That said, there’s always so much more to learn and experience regarding His great love with which He loves us.

There is a link below to a video that has touched my heart.  No, it’s not a grand old hymn.  But if you listen to the words, simple as they are, they really hit home.  These people are not singing about a concept.  Nobody sings like this about a concept.  Is God’s love only a concept to you?

They are basking in a relationship with a living Person who loves them…right now.  They have abandoned their controversies with God and have opened wide their minds and hearts to Him.  He has proven His love for us through the merciful and forgiving death of His Son.

You can experience what they are experiencing.  If you will do what they are doing.  Surrender to the Christ who loves you.  Let His love consume you.

Here’s the video.  It should load up with no cookies and no side bar trash!


One thought on “He Loves Us

  1. Martha Fanning says:

    Thanks for the video Brother Dane! I remember being in a small home fellowship around 1977, and a woman prayed for me, and it was like she disappeared, and Jesus was standing there, and I felt the love of God. Martha.

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