God’s Word is radically relevant…if you see it properly

Here’s something I penned over the weekend:

“The promises of God rest, apparently like meaningless words on lifeless pages of the Bible, until they are recognized as greatly relevant to the life and destiny of the God-hungry soul.”

Even real Christians must honestly admit that too often the words of the Bible do not appear very relevant to our lives. One reason so many Bibles are dust-covered is because for any number of reasons we do not presently perceive there is incredible and immediate relevancy to what lies within.  This is a spiritual perception issue.

Look at this picture.  What impact would this sign have on you in the context in which it is found?

The reality that there is no lifeguard on duty in the dead of winter is irrelevant.  This is because of the frozen condition of the lake.  But when summer comes, and the lake thaws, the sign suddenly is incredibly relevant to a great number of people.  Right?

One reason why we fail to perceive the great relevancy of God’s word to us is the frozen condition of our hearts. Unless our hearts are awakened from the winter of sin and self’s dominion, we cannot begin to see God’s truth for what it really is.

Another image will help capture this idea:

Many people would simply walk on past this booth.  But someone who is middle-aged, and perhaps has recently had a doctor’s appointment, may immediately see the offer of free cholesterol screening as very relevant to their lives.

The spiritual reality is that everyone on the planet has spiritually clogged arteries!  We all have sick hearts that need what only God can provide. 

But it is so easy to simply go through life feeding on all the stuff that’s actually killing us, with very little awareness or concern for the long-term effects of it.

Then comes a heart-attack.  Or a close friend dies.  Or a blood test comes back positive.  Suddenly we realize how relevant cholesterol is to our longterm health.  It has always been relevant, actually.  But we just weren’t aware of it.

In a similar, but positive way, it is the same with God’s promises.  They are life to us.  Without them we will not be established in God’s purposes and flourish.  We may get along in the world for a season without them.  But we will not grow in Christlikeness and experience the radical reality of God’s life in this world.  

May God grant that the ministry of His Spirit will awaken in us a proper hunger for and awareness of the incredible power and promises found in the sacred Scriptures.  Amen.

2 thoughts on “God’s Word is radically relevant…if you see it properly

  1. cassie says:

    sometimes,we want to see things our way and no one else not even Gods.
    But if we read our bible we will find out the all things work out for the good of the Lord.
    We see out in the ocean and think that our ways are going to work but if we will just look at it the way Gods looks at it throught his eyes and look at his work and study it we will know then that everything will work out and God will gave us the answer even through we like the answer or not.
    I keep thinking why in the world God would gave me a 18 year old when I don’t know what in the world I would do with her because I don’t know about children but you know it has keep me on my knees before God and that where I should have been in the first.You might not get the answer that you want but the answer that God wanted you to have.Reach out to others and know that most of them are hurting just as much as you are or maybe more
    God Bless you Bro.Dane and your family and your church .
    Cassie Brasher

  2. Having allowed God to become more real to me these last two or three years, and having been well fed, I can attest to the fact … the solid and real fact … that everything I read in God’s Word has more meaning and relevancy than ever before. Since His Word did not change, then the change had to be in me.

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