Seeing as God sees. Moving as God moves.


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. (Psalm 32:8 NKJV)

Some of the more modern translations have the verse above a bit differently: “I will guide you with My eye upon you.”  This seems to make more sense to us.  But it also can remove some of the intimacy and closeness intended by the context.  The context is about God’s people learning to deeply trust God’s heart and leading for our lives.  The idea is that we need to come to Him intimately…to get in His face.

You can learn a lot by watching someone’s eyes.  An attentive servant can watch her master’s eyes and understand what he/she wants even before they ask. 

If you can see what the Master is looking at, you can understand what the Master is getting at

Again, David gives us some keen understanding about knowing Gods heart:

Keep me as the apple of Your eye; Hide me under the shadow of Your wings. (Psalm 17:8)
To know what the “apple” of someone’s eye is, you have to draw very close to them…very close.  When you are in the face of the person, then you can see what their pupil is gazing upon.  There is a reflection there that we call, “the apple of the eye.”
The psalmist (David) learned the powerful and overwhelming truth that his God truly loved Him and was deeply focused on him.  When David entered the tabernacle (without walls), he would worship before the Lord and His testimony (the ark of the covenant).  As David gazed upon the beauty of the Lord, he became aware that the Lord was very much aware of him as well.  And David felt this wonderful love and fatherly affection from his God. 
There is nothing that can bless your soul like truly knowing and feeling that Almighty God is your Father and that He deeply loves and approves of you.  And there’s only one way to experience this.  It is by drawing near to Him in humble and surrendered worship, based purely upon His mercy and grace given to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Finally, as we gaze upon the Lord and find His gaze upon us, and as we wait in His presence and keep our eyes on His eyes, we can begin to see other things from His viewpoint as well.
A few weeks back during a Sunday morning worship service I had a deeply meaningful time of worship.  As I was drawing near to the Father in worship, I had this overwhelming sense of His love for me and His nearness to me.  Suddenly I had this picture come into my mind.  I was seeing this huge mountain of opposition before me.  It was intimidating and discouraging.  But I turned away from the mountain and looked unto the Lord.  As I gazed into His beautiful face, I first saw my reflection in His eye.  What a blessed thought.  He loves me and keeps me as the apple of His eye!  But then I suddenly caught a glimpse of the mountain behind me – as a reflection in His eyes.
The huge mountain looked so tiny there – in the apple of the Master’s eye.  He seemed so huge and capable and the mountain so insignificant before Him.  Indeed this is the truth of each circumstance we face. But we only catch this vantage point if we are guided by His eye!
First you must really believe that He wants to guide you with His eye.
This means we must understand His amazing love for us and feel the warmth of His embrace as we surrender fully to Him through the Savior He has given, Jesus Christ.  You will never find yourself in the apple of God’s eye without knowing and trusting the Son of His love, Jesus Christ.
Secondly, as we learn to come before God as our Father, and wait upon Him, we begin to see our lives and the challenges we face from His perspective.
And that’s 99% of the battle.  Once you see as He sees, you can think as He thinks, believe as He believes, feel as He feels, and move as He moves.

3 thoughts on “Seeing as God sees. Moving as God moves.

  1. cassie says:

    I say that is a wonderful message and knowing that God is right there with his wonderful eye on you,you can feel him and know that you are save in his wonderful care.
    His love draws us to him and we know that he is in control of everything and know that nothing can harm us in his love.
    He is walking besides us and loveing us.
    His love is so powerful and nothing that he is never going to leave us or forsake us if we just look up to him and love him and trust him.

  2. David Wiseman says:

    What a great thought. To believe that God sees me like this is awesome. After all I have come through, I do know, without a doubt, that God loves me. To be in relationship with God Almighty is wonderfully refreshing, each and every day.

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