Peacefakers, Peacetakers, Peacebreakers… or Peacemakers?

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.  Matt 5:9

If you are not involved in walking in and promoting the peace of Christ, then you might find yourself in one of the following categories.

 Peace-faker:  this is the person who is afraid of conflict and desires peace at any cost.  Even if offended or grieved they will try to hide it in pubic.  They will never initiate confrontation, and rarely if ever try to bring real reconciliation.  They want to pretend that “I’m okay, you’re okay.”  Often behind the scenes they will attract to others to themselves who will listen to their hurts and offenses, or who perhaps share similar hurts.  But they will avoid those who will insist they must seek reconciliation. They will avoid the path of peace, which is the way of the Cross.

 Peace-taker:   this person though willing to show disappointment, and to even speak her/his mind about things, does not initiate reconciliation.  They will take peace when someone humbles themselves and offers it.  But this person will not take the lead to restore a broken relationship.  They are too proud or too afraid.  When they experience real peace is it almost always at someone else’s expense.

 Peace-breaker:  this is the person who routinely stirs up strife.  They are quick to speak and find fault.  They often run their mouths and offend people.  They are easily offended and tend to make everything that happens a statement of their personal worth (or lack thereof).  They are quick to carry grudges and not only do not initiate reconciliation, but also will often avoid the peacemakers, all the while infecting others with their roots of bitterness.

 PEACEMAKERS!  The first one to seek reconciliation is usually not the guiltiest, but the one closest to the Cross.

Hebrews 12:14-16    PURSUE PEACE WITH ALL MEN.  Help others overcome their offenses and conflict.  Be a reconciler.  Try to wipe out bitterness.
Romans 12:18     AS FAR AS IT IS UP TO YOU….Don’t start strife, or feed it, but do all you can to walk in peace.
Want to dig deeper into this subject?  Click here to go to an audio teaching.

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