An Amazing Day with God’s People!

What a glorious way to end my month-long sabbatical and to reenter the “real world” of ministry and church leadership! 

Yesterday (Sunday), we had a joint worship service with Rivanna Community Church.  The occasion was our summer picnic and baptism service.  What a blessed time we had worshipping and fellowshipping with a large group of God’s kids, celebrating our shared life together in Christ and rejoicing with 18 souls who were being baptized!

Public baptism is a very powerful statement.  It is an outward testimony of a very real and supernatural operation going on inside of people.  I love to observe the faces of older believers as they watch new believers making their faith in Christ public through baptism.  There is an undeniable joy present everywhere!

Jesus said that there is more joy in the presence of the angels in heaven over one sinner who turns from her/his sins, than over ninety-nine people who need no repentance. (See Luke 15)

This doesn’t mean that God is not concerned about His faithful kids or that He loves new Christians more than older ones!  But it does mean that God’s loving heart never ceases to be on MISSION!

No Christian or congregation can sustain a truly joyful experience with Christ who does not intentionally cultivate and carry our Father’s heart for reaching the lost!  Selah.

Do you need a fresh infusion of supernatural joy? 

Then take your cues from Jesus and His teachings about the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son (Luke 15).  In all of these parables the person who experienced the most joy was the one who intentionally made it a priority to find the lost ones.

Why not take a moment today and prayerfully read through Luke 15?

Ask God to give you His heart for the lost ones.  In doing so, you will not only be intentionally obeying our Lord’s command to reach out, but you will be contributing to your own future joy!

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