Ever dream of meeting someone famous?

This is a follow-up on the last post.  In that post I shared a pretty amazing testimony of a divine encounter that happened…even though I was involved in a ministry that I would later find out was not God’s will for me to be a part of.

There was something else that happened on that same trip that is perhaps even more crazy. By the way, the timing of the trip was November, 2001.

The Asian host pastor that I was traveling with and I had some strong disagreements regarding how to interpret the September 11, 2001 terrorist bombings that had recently occurred in the USA.  He said that God was fed up with America and her gross immorality and that He was now judging America.  It was this pastor’s opinion that our economy and dominance in the world was about to be toppled as the Lord poured out His wrath on us.

I had spent a lot of time in prayer after 9/11, seeking God’s heart.  There were a lot of doomsday predictions and a lot of Christian leaders destroying hope in God actually continuing to work redemptively in America.  As I spent time with God during that season I came away with a very different view.  I believe that God was acting in mercy and not judgment on 9/11.  I believe that even as Abraham entreated God to spare Sodom that He could be entreated to spare America as well.  And there are far more than ten righteous folks still living in the USA. 

The Asian pastor told me about a dream that he had, in which he was seated in the Oval Office, giving serious counsel to then President George Bush.  It was this pastor’s firm belief that God had shown him that he would some day be invited to Washington and be able to give a righteous rebuke to our President.

As I listened to this pastor, I realized that he was bitter at America and that he was motivated by resentment.  While I’m not naive and realize that America has done some bad stuff over the decades and we’ve made some real enemies, I didn’t believe that his dream was from the Lord.  This along with some other issues made it very clear to me that I could not continue a ministry partnership with this man.

A crazy thing happened the following night.  I too had a dream.  In the dream I was in a room with the Dalai Lama (the supreme leader of Buddhism, who resides in the Himalayan region of north India).  When I awoke I only barely remembered the dream – that is, until later that afternoon on a winding road, coming down the mountain.  All of a sudden a convoy of military jeeps came up from behind us, forcing us off the road.  Several official jeeps passed by on the narrow road, then suddenly a jeep followed with the Dalai Lama as its passenger.  I’m totally serious.  As he passed by I could almost have touched his robes, because our jeeps were so close together!

If that wasn’t enough, I saw him again at the airport later that day.  I checked-in early at the ticket counter and then found the small coffee shop to unwind and read.  I was the only person in the cafe at the time…until the Dalai Lama and his personal body-guard entered.  He sat down two tables over from me.  How about that for crazy?

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until the next post to hear how this one ends!

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