The benefits of gratitude

There are so many good reasons for being a grateful person.  Today’s post is a continuation of the last one…

3. Gratitude follows honor like fragrance follows a rose.  If I honor you, that is, if I hold you in high esteem, then I will be grateful for your involvement in my life on any level.  I will not have to work hard at it.  It will be spontaneous. When a person receives a benefit from someone and is ungrateful, rest assured the recipient does not hold the benefactor in high honor. 

Romans 1:21 says that because people refuse to honor God they become ungrateful.  Ungratefulness is the first rung down the ladder of depravity.  It’s a slippery slope.

4. Being grateful is in your best interests.  A grateful heart is a protected one God has promised to give grace to the humble and to oppose the proud.  Humility will lead you to gratitude and the further blessings that will come.  Satan’s wretched schemes have little foothold in our lives…unless he can tempt us to be ungrateful.

Thanksgiving is also therapeutic.  I thankful heart is a healthy one! Grateful people live with less stress than resentful people.  They sleep better too.  Renowned psychiatrist Karl Menninger observed that perennially grateful people are seldom mentally ill. You may watch what you eat and exercise regularly, but if you are a complainer who is ungrateful, you are poisoning yourself from the inside out.  Literally.  You will pay the price for ingratitude physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

 Furthermore, a thankful heart is an attractive one! Anyone feels more at home where he/she is appreciated and celebrated.  If you regularly express thanks and appreciation to those around you they will feel edified in your presence.  They will want to come back!

God is the same way!  One reason that Jesus was “the friend of sinners and tax-collectors” was because they appreciated what He represented.  They acknowledged the gift that He was to them.  They knew He had something that they needed.  And they were more grateful than the self-righteous religious folks. 

If you’d like God to show up in your life more regularly, then try appreciating Him for who He is and what He has done for you.  Make a conscious effort to vocally praise Him multiple times each day.  Stop taking His favors for granted.  Stop breathing His air without thanking Him for it.  Stop living on His earth without acknowledging it.  Stop enjoying good food and friends without recognizing that this was God’s idea! 

To be continued…

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