Getting up before the devil


The Bible says that Jesus would arise early and go to a quiet place to pray. After this He would enter the daily battle of life and ministry. Jesus was once asked by His disciples why they could not drive out a demon but He did it almost effortlessly. He said that “this kind comes forth only by prayer and fasting.” He obviously did not mean that you sometimes have to set up camp with a demon-possessed person and tarry for days of fasting to dislodge the evil one. Jesus cast out the spirit with a word! I think Jesus was referring to His own hidden life of prayer and fasting before His Father. He got up early and was prayed up and prepared by the Spirit for whatever challenges the day brought. He had a REAL relationship with the Father. He knew how to listen to the Father and sense the Father’s leading in the moment. This only happens when you take time for a real relationship with God. Demons aren’t impressed with proof texts or religious phrases spouted by believers who have no private history with the Father. Notice the spider webs on the shrubs in the photo that I took with my phone earlier today. These little traps are only clearly visible while the dew is still present! Later in the day as the sun rises and gets hot, the water evaporates and the spider’s trap has become far less detectable. As I looked at the shrubs this morning the Father reminded me of the importance of hearing from Him early each day. Meditate on these things and God will give you light.

2 thoughts on “Getting up before the devil

  1. David Wiseman says:

    I was once told by a demon possessed girl, “I am not afraid of Christians! Spirit-filled Christians scare me.” When I start my day with worship, His Word, and prayer. Then, my Armor of God is on and I’m ready for the schemes of the evil one. This blog is so true! We must start and end our days with our Heavenly Father…it’s the difference between victory or defeat.

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