A 25 Word Challenge to All of You

I have had a fascination with the book of The Acts of the Apostles for many years.

A lot of books have been written down through the centuries about church growth. But the book of Acts is the only one that is without error and bias! 

Here’s a quick assignment for those of you who care to take the challenge:

In 25 words or less, summarize the theme or significance of the Book of Acts.

You can submit your summary by commenting on this post below.  In a few days I’ll summarize what has been submitted.  And hopefully we can draw some useful conclusions (and perhaps contrasts) for our lives and churches today.

Will you take the challenge and submit your 25 word summary today?  I hope you will!

3 thoughts on “A 25 Word Challenge to All of You

  1. Rowena Crittenden says:

    Filled with the Holy Spirit; by faith the disciples of Jesus Christ spread the Gospel’s Good News through love, word and deed to all peoples.

  2. Samuel Lemire says:

    The church started. Peter, Paul, and many others spread God’s news. At the same time, many were persecuted. But the church still continued to grow.

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