Thanksgiving note

My dear friends and family,
I wanted to take a moment this morning and wish you all a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.  The smells of Thanksgiving are wafting through our home already (9:45 a.m.) as Molly and her mother create the feast!
I realize that this season finds many of us in different circumstances.  Some are celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time with new additions to their families…others are realizing this could be the last Thanksgiving on earth with people they love. Some are amazed at how good things are going in this season of their lives…others are wondering when the trouble will pass.  And for most people there’s a bit of both joy and sadness.
All of us would do well to remember the wisdom to:

“Enjoy every good gift in this life fully, but hold it loosely.”

The best gifts here below are but a shadow of the glories to come.  And this world and all that is in it is passing away.  So while it is proper to rejoice in and enjoy God’s gifts now, we should also continually place our ultimate hope and faith in the things that last forever.  For this is the hope that does not disappoint.
Jesus is alive and reigning from the Throne of the universe.  We are completely safe in His heart and hands – both in this world and the one to come.
This makes me profoundly thankful and increasingly fearless to face the future!
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever.
Gratefully redeemed,

Pastor Dane

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving note

  1. Steve Phillips says:

    Bless you brother. We love you all. I know Thanksgiving dinner will be delicious and not boring as I remember the precious meal times we shared w/you, Molly, and the kids on our trip.


  2. Jay says:

    Bless you and your family Dane. Mom fell again but has been moved to the step down unit at UVA,Melody is home for the holiday and my Dad is coming over for dinner. Our God is good so we rejoice in the mini miracles he brings every day.


  3. David Wiseman says:

    Dane, as I get further away from cancer & strokes, I am seeing with new eyes all the blessings that I am thankful for! I am thankful for cancer and the tia-strokes because God has used that to draw me closer to Him. I am thankful that I’m alive and thankful for my wife and family.
    I’m thankful that you are my brother in Christ!
    May God bless you and your family with health and happiness,


    P.S. Nancy & I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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