How to be certain in the midst of uncertainty

A statement from Oswald Chambers in My Utmost for His Highest this morning, created a flow of fresh thoughts for me.  Here’s an excerpt:

Certainty is the mark of the common-sense life: gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life. To be certain of God means that we are uncertain in all our ways, we do not know what tomorrow may bring. This is generally said with a sigh of sadness, it should be rather an expression of breathless expectation. We are uncertain of the next step, but we are certain of God.  As soon as we abandon ourselves to God, and do the task He has placed closest to us, He begins to fill our life with surprises. When we become simply a promoter or defender of a particular belief, something within us dies.  That is not believing God- it is only believing our belief about Him. Jesus said, “…unless you become as a little child….”  The spiritual life is the life of a child. We are not uncertain of God, just uncertain of what He is going to do next.

In my last post I shared how I have often misinterpreted what God was saying to me.

I think most of the mistakes I have made have related to focusing more on what I expected God to do for me, and less on what He intended to become to me.

Or stated another way, I have often been focused on short-term outcomes rather than God’s eternal purposes in the glorious Person of Christ.

I think this is the essence of what Chambers is getting at.  The longer I walk with God and the more of His character and glory that I carry, the less dogmatic I am about temporary outcomes. But at the same time I am becoming more convinced that God is powerfully in control, and daily register indicators of His nearness and involvement.

Thus, for me faith has matured from predicting, claiming, and confessing some temporary action or preferred intervention from God, to a greater knowledge of a glorious Person in Whom I have fullness and every good thing.

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God. (2 Cor 1:20 NIV)

Many years ago I was caught in the Word of Faith trap.  Can you guess how the verse above was interpreted in within that belief framework?  Take a moment and reflect on this verse.  I’ll share the rest of the story next time, so stay tuned….

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