Accepting my “lot” in life

Have you ever thought about the word, “lot”, in the Bible?  Mostly, it applies to the things that are chosen for you and that you cannot change. In the Bible it exclusively applies to what God has apportioned to you.

The children of Israel upon coming into the Promised land, received their inheritances “by lot”.  The actual boundaries of their land were apportioned by the casting of “a lot”.  It’s like the rolling of dice.  What we might call the product of chance, the faithful saints believed were the providence of God.

Have you ever read these amazingly God-centered words of King David?

The LORD is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot.  The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. (Psalm 16:5-6)

It’s interesting to note what David considers to be his “lot”!  He’s very possibly the most powerful man in the world at the time he wrote these words.  He can do just about whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

And yet he says that his inheritance is the LORD Himself!  His portion, his inheritance, his heritage…was the LORD!  And David was simply ecstatic over this.

Though David’s family came from the tribe of Judah, his words reflect a more Levitical idea.  The tribe of the Levites were not given an inheritance of real estate like all the other Israelites.  Instead, their portion was to serve as priests unto God, in the Temple and in their villages.  They were given access to pastureland for their flocks, but they did not own the land.

And this was considered a special honor to be chosen by the LORD to serve before Him.  David’s words in Psalm 16 take on this sort of sense.

What about you and me?  Have you so returned to the LORD, that you see Him as the greatest gift of all?

For you, is faith and salvation more about getting things from God…or about getting God?

One of the best measures of this is how you react to the things in your life that you cannot change.  Your response to what is your “lot” in life, often reveals whether or not you have found the LORD to be your ultimate inheritance!

If you have not so returned to the LORD that He is now redeeming every aspect of your “lot” in life, then I want to encourage you to press in to Him more fully.

Is there something that you hate or reject about your “lot” in life?

Maybe it has to do with your family of origin and the pain you experienced because of the choices of others?  Maybe it is disappointment in marriage or vocation or health?  Maybe it’s what some refer to as the “accident of genetics”?

I was bald by the age of 26.  I don’t mean that my hair began receding.  I mean that I was bald!  I know it is vain to speak of this, especially considering the genetic challenges that others face.  But the truth is that I didn’t accept my baldness for a while.  I tried to hide it, to cure it. My “best man” even teased me about it in front of all the wedding guests!

I even had dreams in the night about being divinely healed of baldness! In classic word of faith fashion, I laid hands on my head and confessed healing over the hair follicles! I thought God was showing me that I would be healed.

I’m not making fun of believing that God can do the miraculous.  He can certainly do it. But those subconscious dreams were not about God’s promises to me. Actually, they were about how I had NOT accepted His providence in my life.  My “faith” for healing in this area was really HUGE unbelief. Isn’t it amazing that what looks like faith from our perspective can sometimes be a rejection of God’s plan!

You see, I was missing the MAIN point of God’s intentions in my life.  He had sovereignly brought me forth from my mother’s womb. He had knit me together in the exact way that I was (and am). Some may call it the accident of genetics.  But that is forcing man’s limitations upon God (making God into our image.)

Have you ever noticed how even the most beautiful people in this world are usually not satisfied with their genetics…and don’t think they are beautiful?

But David said, “My heritage is beautiful to me.”

He had seen so much of His God that he was being cured of looking at himself!  He wasn’t talking about his hair or his palace! He was talking about the God that he loved more than everything else.

Your “lot” in life is providentially given as everything you need to encourage you to find the LORD to be more precious than life itself.  He can rescue you from the bondage of the hard stuff you face and keep you from idolizing the good stuff that you treasure more than Him!

Whichever it may be, it’s all going to pass away very soon.  And all that you’ll have left is Him.  But if He is not enough to satisfy you now, what will it feel like when everything else is burned away and you stand before Him alone?

Later in the same Psalm, David says, “In the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy, and at His right hand there are pleasures evermore.” (Ps 16:11)  

Ultimate pleasure and satisfaction cannot be found outside of Him.  Every step away from temporary things toward Him is in our best interests now and forevermore.

10 thoughts on “Accepting my “lot” in life

    • Tom, the irony is lost to us…so often, I’m afraid.

      It’s a painful process of learning what to embrace as from God…and what to resist. Paul assumed that his “thorn” was something from the enemy to be resisted. Afterall it was a “messenger of Satan sent to buffet him.” But he learned it was something that was part of his lot, and thus to be accepted and even boasted in. God used it to show Paul that He was bigger than his problems.

  1. cassie says:

    you know this hit home with me when you said what you did.Life is not about how we look to other people it is the way we look at God.Because someday we will be standing in front of him and not in front of others.I pray when I have to stand before him that I will be will be just like he wants me to be.

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