Time Matters, p.1: Time to Catch the Bus…again

Fall is officially here. School is back in full swing. And we all are faced with great demands on our time.

Dane's Blog

Last week was the beginning of the new school year for us.  We have to drive our kids about a quarter-mile from our house to the bus stop each morning.  It’s always a challenge to shift from the more relaxed summer mornings schedule to the strict school year schedule. This is not an easy or fun adjustment!

 We have nick-named the bus driver, “Debbie-digital”.  She is almost like a computer.  How she keeps such a tight schedule day after day and week after week is beyond me.  I mean, especially when you consider that she’s picking up dozens of little kids day after day and they are not always coming out the door as quickly, or they’re forgetting their backpack or lunch box and having to run back to get them, etc. 

Last year I think we discovered her secret to being on time: she is willing to leave anyone behind in…

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