Time Matters, p.2: The moral reason “why?”

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It is almost impossible to radically change your behavior without having a major change in your belief system or value system

One reason it is so hard to change ingrained patterns of behavior is because we often seek to change without knowing the moral reason why.  Most people have areas in their lives that they would like to see changed, and deeply feel they ought to change, but somehow cannot make lasting change happen.  Biblically speaking, “repentance” is the word that best describes the process of changing behavior.  Repentance comes from the Greek word metanoia, literally meaning “to change your mind.”

But whoever heard of someone “repenting” for tardiness?  Most people do not perceive tardiness as a moral issue.  Lying and cheating and lusting are moral issues, we’ll admit, but tardiness? And that’s one of the main reasons why chronically late people don’t find the power to change.  They…

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