Jesus has already paid the way and prayed the way for you!

It is a wonderful understanding that the true believer in Christ has, when he/she realizes that the work of salvation is completely done through Christ.  On the cross where Jesus died, His last words were, “It is finished.”  The price of our forgiveness and the way of full restoration to the Father was opened through His substitutionary sacrifice.

But as any mother can tell you, the conceiving, carrying, and giving birth to a child is not all the work there is in the process!  Certainly the pain and pressure of childbirth is intense work! So much so that it is called “labor”.  But the ensuing years of parenting are nothing less than grueling at times.

In a similar way, though Christ’s work of “atonement” (actually paying for all of our past, present, and future sins) was fully accomplished in His death and resurrection, His work continues in and through our lives.

Have you ever pondered the amazing wonder of Hebrews 7:25?

Consequently, He is able to save to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.

He always lives to make intercession for them!  That’s the same Jesus who said, “It is finished.”  He now is praying for you and me…nonstop…so that we may be saved to the uttermost!

Beloved, if no one else knows what you’re going through, Jesus certainly does!  If no one else is praying for you and concerned for your soul, Jesus certainly is!  And there is more.

I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. (Luke 22:32)

These were the words of Jesus to the impatient and self-assured Peter.  Peter was about to face a trial of his faith that he could not imagine.  He was about to face an enemy that was too big for him.  But BEFORE his Lord allowed this trial, his Lord had ALREADY prayed for him!

Do you see it?  Before Jesus allowed the devil to severely test Peter, He first prayed Peter through unto victory.  For this is always the case with the prayers of Jesus.  His prayers on our behalf are perfect.  He knows exactly what He has been doing in our lives and what is happening now and what is about to come to pass.

This was not only true for Peter but for every sincere believer in Jesus Christ.  He always lives to make intercession on your behalf…that you might be saved to the uttermost.  Oh blessed thought.

What could be more sustaining and soothing in the hour of great need than this?  To know not only that Jesus is presently praying for me, but that He prayed me through to ultimate victory BEFORE He allowed the trial to even commence.

A final note about what Jesus is praying is important.  We must see what He is NOT praying.  He is not praying that we will be able to avoid trials and troubles – but that our faith will NOT fail in the midst of them.  He prays us through the trials and not necessarily around them.

God had only one sinless Son. But He has no children that were exempted from suffering.  And because our Jesus has suffered, He is able to come to the aid of them that are suffering.

Beloved, let these truths sustain you just now.  Wait upon the Lord and consider how close He is to your soul…and to the suffering you might presently be facing.  As you look to Him you will be carried up on wings of eagles, as it were.  You will actually sense the everlasting arms of your God holding and strengthening you.

He Himself is praying for you.  Not just some angel. Not just some great saint.  Jesus Himself has already paid your way and prayed your way…to victory.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.



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