Why being on mission matters immensely (part 3)

Being on mission matters immensely, because:

Let us cross over….” 

What did they learn?  That being on mission with JESUS is ALWAYS BIGGER THAN WE ARE!

This is why He didn’t tell them about the storm ahead of time.  They probably would have chickened-out and never begun the journey!

God’s Mission…indeed all of God’s assignments are…GOD-SIZED!

Henry Blackaby said it best.  When we attempt to do what we feel we can safely and comfortably do…people see us.

But when in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s promptings we attempt to do what only God can do…we experience God in supernatural support and people see Him!  This is glorious.  And this will expand our joy and fuel our worship…and further motivate us to tell others about this GREAT GOD.

“WHO IS THIS THAT EVEN THE WEATHER AND THE SEA OBEY HIM?”  They didn’t know Him to this degree.  How could they? They had hitherto remained within the safety of the shore!

The truth is, the deepest knowledge and worship of Jesus comes as a result of experience…not just concepts!

I’ll never forget my first public encounter with a severely demon-possessed person.  We were ministering on the street one day in late afternoon.  The setting was a third world country and we were standing just opposite of a school that was letting out for the day.  All of the people were very religious but were from non-Christian backgrounds. And there was a woman there who suddenly began openly manifesting a demon.  I had never been in such a situation.  So I acted on what I had read or heard others talk about.  I commanded the demon to leave….”in the name of JESUS!”  But the evil spirit simply laughed out loud, using the woman’s mouth. It was a hideous sort of laugh…that caused my blood to almost curdle!

The demonic storm was raging in her body….and I felt so ill-equipped.  Fears flooded my thoughts:

“It is not going to leave.  You will not be able to make it leave.  You will be an embarrassment to yourself and to God’s name….” 

I was really struggling.  But I kept trying harder (AND LOUDER).  And the devil just kept on laughing and scorning me!  It wasn’t going to leave, it seemed. And by this time somewhere around 150-200 people had gathered around to observe the debacle.

Finally, I stopped and for the first time actually prayed to God.  (It’s a sad thing to rely upon your own wisdom and experience, when you’ve actually never ever encountered a certain type of problem before!!!)  I cried out to God for help.  “Help me Lord Jesus.  I don’t  know what to do!  Do not let me fail here and bring reproach on your name.”   

Suddenly, as I looked to the Lord, a Scripture passage thundered upon my mind and heart from the Spirit of God! And the faith it suddenly created clothed me with a boldness I had not known before in my life.  The verse was from Mark 16:15-17 

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. And those who believe and are baptized shall be saved, but those who will not believe shall be condemned.  And these signs shall accompany those who believe, in My name they shall drive out demons….”

Suddenly, I knew, that I knew, that I knew that the demon was absolutely subject to me in Jesus’ name. Furthermore, I had not even a shred of doubt that the demon also full well knew that in the name of Jesus’ I had full mastery over him.  Then I boldly said,

You unclean spirit, the word of God says that those who are on the mission of Christ carry the authority of Christ…and that in His mighty name they will drive out demons.  I know that you know that I have authority over you in Jesus.  So in His name I now command you to leave this woman and never come back.”

The lady suddenly began to cough deeply and then collapsed limply to the ground. The evil one left in a second’s time.  And it was over.  Everyone in the crowd, like me, understood that the woman had been liberated from this dark force that had been possessing her.

GLORY TO GOD!  All authority in heaven and on earth belongs to Jesus.  I came home rejoicing that the evil spirits are subject to God’s kids in Jesus’ mighty name.

Boy did that mission experience grow my faith and fuel my praises of Jesus!  I came home with an incredible knowledge of both the love of the Father for unreached people and the Authority of JESUS over all the demons and false gods that seek to enslave the millions who do not know Him.

I have never been the same since.


If you don’t follow the Lord as He reaches out in love to those around you, whether it is across the room, across the street, around the country or across the globe….you will miss out on SO MANY AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES TO ACTUALLY GROW AND BE TRANSFORMED INTO HIS IMAGE…AND TO BE OVERCOME WITH JOY AND WORSHIP AS YOU SEE JESUS DO (THROUGH YOU) WHAT ONLY JESUS CAN DO!

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