The Four Interactions Between Jesus and His Mother: 2. Sensitivity

2. Sensitivity

The next example we have of Jesus interacting with His mother is an example from adulthood.  Jesus is fully grown and is a man by anyone’s definition.

The setting:  A wedding where Mary (Jesus’ mother) apparently had responsibilities in the reception.

She “asks” Jesus to intervene and do something about the crisis of running out of wine .  Jesus’ appeals her decision and asks her to rethink her request:  “My hour has not yet come.”  (“Let’s NOT make this about Me.”)

But she insisted.  And then Jesus obviously discerned the Father’s leading in His mother’s pleading!

The Heavenly Father will often USE your mother to bring you guidance – sometimes when she is NOT even aware that it is God causing her to do so.  And even if you are an adult you are responsible to the Father to be open to and sensitive to this ongoing motherly input!

Jesus had just finished 30 years of “glory concealment” and willing obscurity.  The heavenly Father had hidden Him in Nazareth.  Jesus was content to be a carpenter…to live and love in a fallen world without self-promotion, miracles or public attention.

But now He’s been baptized by John the Baptist and announced by John and God the Father as the Messiah.  Like it or not, He is now on the radar.  God has anointed Him with the Holy Spirit and power – and His glory is now to be increasingly manifested to the world.  His life will now look much different than the obscure days of living in the village and working in the carpenter’s shop.

Even though you are an adult and fully responsible for your own life and decisions, do NOT miss the fact that God may still see fit to use your parents to bring direction to your life!

QUESTION:  Couldn’t the FATHER simply have spoken to Jesus about doing His first miracle without Mary’s direct involvement? 

Yes, of courseBut the fact is that HE DIDN’T!  It pleased the Father to bring direction to the Savior of the world through the insistence of His mother.

If God the Father used human authorities to help direct the course of Jesus’ miracles and ministry, how much more should we remain open and sensitive to the input from parents, pastors, elders, employers, etc.

(This post is the second in a series on Jesus’ interactions with His mother.  Click here to go to the first post in the series.)

Next time we will look at the third interaction.

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