The Four Interactions Between Jesus and His Mother: Part 4 – Support

5. Support

We come now to the final interaction of Jesus with His mother.  While each interaction we have looked at have deep meaning and application for our lives, now we walk on intensely holy ground.

The setting: Jesus has been betrayed and handed over for crucifixion.  It seems that crucifixion is one of the cruelest and most painful methods of execution.  Our word “excruciating” is rooted in the Latin word for torture and torment – and literally means “through the cross”.

Jesus has only a few breaths of life remaining.

As if Jesus dying for the sins of the world, including His mother’s sins, weren’t enough, He amazes us by an awareness and concern for His mother’s immediate physical and emotional needs.  Talk about merciful presence!

He’s seeing her agony…her torture.  He knows that she knows that He could stop the madness.  If He can raise the dead and calm raging storms with a word, surely He could prevent this.  His mother must have been undone by His lack of self-preservation in the ordeal.

Again, He has been cruelly tortured for over nine hours now.  Every breath is torture. Every word is prophetic and full of eternal weight. And He looks down at His mother and His closest human friend, and makes a request regarding His mother’s immediate physical needs.

If ever a person had the right to not be concerned with His mother’s temporary needs it was Jesus on the cross.  He’s providing eternal salvation for a sinful race.  He’s absorbing the holy wrath of God that we all deserved.  But He cannot forget about His mother’s daily bread and emotional comfort.

This is love beyond comprehension.  Pausing to think on this can literally rearrange your entire world.

If Jesus can call His mom from the bloody cross, we should be able to make time to pick up the phone.  If He can make arrangements for her being cared for, surely we too can be a part of the solution for our mother’s last days.

As long as we live and our parents live, we should concern ourselves with their physical and emotional well-being. Even when life my be very crazy all around us.

FINALLY, HERE IS ONE MORE AMAZING THING:  He wasn’t just thinking about His mother.  He was thinking about you and me too.  He was dying to reconcile us to His Father.  To make a way for sinful, broken people, to mercifully return to a Loving and Gracious Heavenly Father.

And not a hair falls from our heads without His notice.  If He clothes the fields with spring flowers and beauty, and feeds every bird on the earth daily, surely He is also concerned about our daily provision too!  Let us depend fully on Him.  And let us be His instruments of care and support for our mothers!

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