Unhealthy Relationships in Ministry (Part 8): Conclusion

If Jesus were all you had in this life, would you be satisfied?   Hagar found that God was enough!

If every vestige of worldly approval and numerical signs of success were taken away and all your friends betrayed you, I  wonder if you (or I) would experience not just sadness and grief but a lot of anger and frustration?  Maybe we still have some agendas we know nothing about?  Do you still “need” people to do something? Ask yourself the question and be honest with yourself.  If Jesus were all you had, do you think you’d be satisfied?

The Truth in a Nutshell

Do you remember the parable of the unmerciful servant?  Here’s a good picture of what we’ve been discussing here.  Here’s a guy who owes a tremendous debt to his master, to God.  He comes and begs, “Oh, give me some time.  I’ll pay you back.”  The Lord had pity and compassion and He forgave the debt and released him.  Then, the servant quickly went out and found a fellow servant who owed him a small amount of money, grabbed him around the neck, and said, “Pay me back everything you owe me or I’m going to throw you and all your kids in jail.”

The master heard about it and got mad.  He called the servant in and said, “If I canceled your entire debt, should you not have also had mercy upon this other?”  Do you know why the wicked servant had an agenda to continue in?  Because he never received the grace.  He never opened his heart up to the love relationship extended to him.  He did not allow God’s love to flow into his heart.  That’s why a lot of us are so frustrated.

We know all about the doctrines of grace and of God’s love.  So why are we often still so frustrated and angry with people?

It’s because we still haven’t really received what He has offered us.  We still have all these agendas and we need our wives, our husbands, our employees, our bosses, our children, our churches, our home groups, etc. to get on board and help us become a success!  And when they don’t fall in with our plan or work hard enough we feel like it is the reason why we are not “successful.”  Agendas are why we give up on some people or relationships.  People don’t respond to us the way we want, so we say “Good by.  So long.  I don’t have time to mess with you.  The train is moving.  You didn’t get on it.”  But this is a dream that’s going to leave you with emptiness.

Where True Ministry Really Begins

If your heart has been exposed and you feel convicted and realize that you’ve got some agendas going on, then listen.  God never shows us anything to condemn us.  He shows us things to free us.  Sarah had an agenda.  She used Hagar to promote it.  Hagar had an agenda.  She needed to be needed.  What a mess they were.  What a mess they made.

Are you stuck in the struggle too?  Is your sense of barrenness overwhelming you?  Do you feel like a failure in life and ministry?  Is your pain stinging right now?  If so, then take heart.

There is a Stranger approaching you in your desert just now.  He’s placing His hand on your tired shoulder and lifting your burden.  He’s showing you that He’s all you ever really needed anyway.  He is sufficient.  Your soul will be satisfied in nothing else, in no one else.  Open your heart to Him and confess your hidden agendas.  You don’t need them anymore anyway.  You’ve got Him.  What more do you need?  Now you are on the track to the Jesus-style of ministry:  “My yoke is easy and my burden is light!”

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