Vertical and Horizontal Realities of Advent (p.2)


Before Advent can be deeply meaningful, it must first be surprisingly personal: 

“Today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

I’m an admitted skeptic when it comes to advertising and mass marketing…and of just about everything I read on the internet!  There is so much BAIT & SWITCH in all of it.  All of these products and services out there, touted to “change your life”…but nobody’s changing!

We bought a brand new top of the line dishwasher recently.  This baby cleans grime like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s the “new generation”.  You don’t have to rinse the dishes, just drop ’em in there! We were assured this would really change our lives.  Well, guess what?  The door will not even stay shut now.  We have to prop a chair up against it!  As I’m typing this we are waiting for the repairman to visit with the fourth (yes, 4th) attempt to fix the problem. How would you like some of our life-change?

Like me you’ve probably heard about the billions worth of unclaimed assets and inheritances that are held by the government. From time to time I’ll read an advertisement about a website where I need to go and see if my name is on one of these government lists.  Frankly, I have never been interested in looking (for mostly two reasons.)  Nobody in my family ever had much money.  And the people pointing me to the lists…are not MY friends!

BUT if someone legitimate said, “Hey Dane, there’s this list and I saw your name on it.  There’s a big chunk of change being held by the government that belongs to you.  It’s there for you.”  MY CYNICISM MIGHT BEGIN TO BEND A BIT…I MIGHT BEGIN TO WONDER IF PERHAPS THERE IS SOMETHING VERY REAL AND PERSONAL …for me!!!

The ANGELS who visited the shepherds on the first Christmas were NOT confused!  They had names and addresses!!!  The angels who visited the shepherds on the first Christmas were NOT confused.  This wasn’t a telemarketing call!  GOD KNEW THESE SHEPHERDS!  He knew WHO they were.  WHERE they were.  WHAT they were.  And He sent His messengers to them…to specific, obscure people. Nobody else in the world would even know they existed, much less where and how to find them!

The reality is that everyone who becomes a believer in Christ was “chosen in Him before the foundation of the world.” People get saved because God knows who, where, and what they are.  They are beloved of Him.  And they need a Savior…and God has provide One!

JESUS WAS SENT TO YOU, BELOVED!    Folks get saved…one person at a time.  Oh I love that the angels went to the obscure shepherds before anyone else heard about the Christ!

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