The unseen key to many miracles

There’s always more to a miracle than meets the eye.

People often fail to notice the servants who do God’s will.  Through their obedience WaterGod is glorified.  We need look no further than Christ’s first miracle to see this.  The story of His turning water into wine is full of unnoticed factors.  Did you ever think about who actually saw that a miracle had taken place?

The headwaiter thought the bridegroom had simply kept the good wine until the end of the banquet.  Jesus made the bridegroom look fantastic that day!  No doubt, the hundreds of guests praised the bridegroom for his generosity in sharing such a fine wine with all his guests.  The only people who apparently understood the miracle were Jesus, His mother, His disciples, and the ones who listened and obeyed him (the servants).

This was “the beginning of His signs”, in which He, “manifested His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.” (John 2:11)

A multitude of people benefitted from the miracle and perhaps were intoxicated by its power. But they didn’t see God.

But those who were serving not only saw the miracle, they participated in it!  The six stone pots contained 180 gallons total.  These pots would require dozens of trips to the well to fill. We are not told how many servants were involved or how long the job took. But without their service there would have been no water to turn into wine!

I’m reminded of the story of the death of Lazarus.  The Scripture says that once Jesus had arrived in Bethany and talked with Martha and Mary, that He was “deeply moved” and wept. Then He said, “Remove the stone.”  The Bible says that, “they removed the stone.”  But who “they” were we don’t know!  All we know is that before the multitudes got to see a dead man live again, some servants listened to Jesus and pushed a big rock out of the way. 

The Lord’s glory was seen because of the servants who served.  Maybe miracles are not just about having great faith.  Maybe they are more about humble obedience and servanthood?

I’m sure we’d all love to see more legitimate miracles of biblical proportions.  But who is willing to listen to Jesus before the miracle and pump the water and push the stones?

God’s miracles usually involve someone serving His purposes behind the scenes, providing the prerequisite resources and infrastructure!

There is always more to a miracle than meets the eye! And it’s the servants who pave the way.

Maybe we should ask ourselves a very important question:  Am I available today to be a servant who listens carefully and obeys Jesus before a miracle is seen?  For until we say “Yes!” there may be no miracles.

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